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Distribution to Hundreds of Prestigious News Outlets: local ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX TV stations, Yahoo!, Digital Journal, Boston Globe, USA Today & more. You will receive a list of the websites your press release was featured on.


When you distribute a press release on Press Advantage, you’ll receive links from many high-authority news sites all over the Internet. These links signal to the search engines that your content is popular.
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Q: Do I have to issue the press release immediately?
A: No, you have 12 months to issue the release.

Q: Do I have to write the Press Release?
A: You can write the Press Release yourself ($99 Option usually $395) Or have the Press Release written for you ($199 Option usually $495-595).

Q: What if I don’t have anything to announce?
A: You can basically announce anything. An easy option is to announce the launching of a new or updated website, even if it’s not now. It will make for a good Press Release topic and allow your website to benefit from the authority that will be passed onto it from the links in the Press Release that will be on high authority News sites.

Here are some topic ideas:

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      Launch of new website or significant upgrade to existing website
      New company establishment or spin-off
      Company reorganization/Adding new business unit
      Milestone achievements
      Company anniversaries (eg. 50 years in business)
      Office relocation or new venue
      Mergers and acquisitions
      New executives and other personnel changes
      Business rebranding
      Company or Business Unit name change
      Product or Brand name change
      Ownership transfers or new partner
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      Initial Public Offerings and Stock offerings
      Financial and earnings updates
      Securing business funding from Business Angels or VCs
      Free consultations, samples or trial offers
      Free shipping offer/changes in shipping rates
      Latest contests
      Discounts or vouchers up for grabs
      Social Media Giveaways
      New contests and sweepstakes
      Holiday-related/time-limited sales and promotions
      New features/unique uses for existing products
      Referral rewards
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