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HTTPS / SSL Certificates

In 2017, Google Chrome began marking sites without HTTPS as non-secure. Chrome now requires HTTPS for sites that collect visitor information. If you have not done so already, protect your visitors and your site with an SSL certificate and migrate to HTTPS.

HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) and HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) are both protocols, or languages, for passing information between web servers and clients. All you need to know is that HTTPS is a secure connection, whereas HTTP is unsecure. With a standard HTTP connection, it is possible for unauthorized parties to observe the conversation between your computing device and the site.

A secure HTTPS/SSL connection encrypts data to prevent eavesdropping, protects the integrity of data to prevent corruption in transfer, and provides authentication to ensure communication only with the intended website. In short: HTTP is not secure, and you should never trust your sensitive information to such a site. HTTPS is secure and is becoming the web standard.

Users expect a secure and private online experience when using a website; in penalizing HTTP connections, Google is taking steps to ensure they get it.

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SSL Certificate + Installation

Please Note – some web hosts require that a website be on a dedicated IP Address to have an SSL Certificate.  Setting that up with your web host is included, however, the cost of the IP Address (typically about $2/month) is not included in your purchase from Websites MIA.

If your website is being hosted by Websites MIA, a dedicated IP Address is not required.